📌   Below are some of my past & current projects.

Personal Projects

Here are some of my favorite projects. I have a lot more on my GitHub profile. Information on closed source projects can be provided upon request.

Custom Hackintosh

This is a project that I have been working on over the spring break. I converted an old workstation into a custom hackintosh. I am still collating all the notes and files into a single repo.

This Portfolio

This portfolio has been my first deep dive into working with a full stack next.js application. I have also used this oportunity to learn about the Chakra UI library, and all the new features in Next.js 13.

React.js Pomodoro Timer

I built a custom react.js pomodoro timer to learn javascript features such as localstorage, react hooks and webworkers. I also used this as an oportunity to learn about DNS and cloudflare.

Django ToDo App

This was my first project using the Django framework, where I worked with a team on creating a fullstack todo list application with support for users, todos and lists.

Custom PowerSchool Plugins

I have been working on writing custom powerschool plugins for my school district. These vary from data export plugins for google drive scripts, to modifications and feature additions to the default user experience.

Misc. University Projects

Linked below is my University of Glasgow gitlab profile, where I have a lot of projects from my time at university. Anything that is private is due to the university policy on sharing code from assignments.

IB CS Internal Assessment

This was my internal assessment for the IB Computer Science course. I created a custom web application that made use of React.js, Google Firebase and Material UI, to create a digital greenhouse for users to store and view their plants.

Cryptography Research Essay

As part of my IB diploma, I wrote a 4000 word research essay on the comparison of the security and implementation of the AES and RSA algorithms. The paper can be viewed below.

Java Google Drive CSV Upload

I wrote this useful script for work to upload a CSV file to a shared google drive folder. As it was written in Java, it can be scheduled to run on a windows server using the windows task scheduler.

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