👋   Hey, I'm a Software Engineer & Computer Science student at the University of Glasgow.

Finn Lestrange.

Software Engineer & Computer Science Student based in the UK.

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Work & Experience

University of Glasgow: (June 2023 - Present)

      I'm currently working as a software engineer at the Glasgow University Software Service. I work on various projects for both external and internal clients. My main focus is the MyPath Reporting System, which is used by the University of Glasgow to track student progress and provide feedback. I have a heavy focus on the backend / server engineering, but I also work on the frontend, ensuring the security and updates of the various aspects of the application are kept in check.


I have been working on a project called MyPath, which is a web app that allows students to track their progress through their degree. It is built using React, and uses a custom API built using Django & Django Rest Framework, with an Azure SQL database, and hosted on UofG Servers.

Azure Deployments & Migrations

I have been working on migrating the MyPath project from a SoCS server to Azure. This has involved setting up and migrating the database from a local instance of PostgreSQL to Azure PostgreSQL. With future plans of a kubernetes cluster to host the application.

DevOps Engineering

A large part of my work is building and maintaining the infrastructure for various projects. This includes updating and maintaining the CI/CD pipelines for the MyPath project, as well as performing bare metal server maintenance.

International School of Aberdeen: (May 2019 - Present)

      I worked as a Developer at the (International School Aberdeen) where I worked on a variety of projects, including maintaining the student information system (PowerSchool), various internal tools and GSuite Automations.

General IT Support

I worked with the IT department to provide helpdesk services at events and during term holidays. This included troubleshooting and fixing issues with laptops, printers, and other devices.

Developing Internal Tools

Some of my work includes developing extensions and plugins for the school's management system, and a tools to automate the creation of new student document folders & sync them up-to-date.

Device & Service Deployments

I work at the start of each year to deploy new devices to the school. This includes chromebooks & windows desktops, as well as setting up new services such as Google Workspace & AD for new staff / students. I also work on maintaining a custom asset management server.

Education & Skills

      I attend the University of Glasgow, where I am on track for a first class degree in Computer Science. I am also on track to complete a Masters in Computer Science by the end of 2026. I have just finished my 2nd year and I am actively seeking a placement for my 3rd year. Some of my projects and skills can be found below.

Full Stack To-Do App

As part of my final second year project a team of 2 and I created a full stack to-do app using Django, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQLite.

Test Driven Development

From the software engineering module I have experience with test driven development using JUnit and Mockito.

Database Design

I have experience working with and designing relational databases using MySQL, SQLite & OracleSQL.

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